BS EN 12259-1 Test Fixture 3
BS EN 12259-1 Test Fixture
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BS EN 12259-1 Test Fikstürü

BS EN 12259-1 discusses fixed firefighting systems.

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BS EN 12259-1 Fixed Firefighting Systems. Components for Sprinkler and Water Spray Systems – Sprinklers


BS EN 12259-1 discusses fixed firefighting systems.

The aim of the BS EN 12259 series is to provide best industry requirements for the safe and reliable use of sprinklers, such that they play a positive role

during a fire emergency.

BS EN 12259-1 is a first part of the BS EN 12259 series that specifies requirements for construction and performance of sprinklers which are operated by a change of

state of an element or bursting of a glass bulb under the influence of heat, for use in automatic sprinkler systems conforming to EN 12845

BS EN 12259-1 on sprinklers is useful for:

Sprinklers manufactures


Entities involved in fire safety engineering

Quality control and testing department

Fire safety departments

Local authorities

Regulatory bodies

This standard provides you with requirements and test methods that can be followed while manufacturing components for sprinklers.

This can ensure that components are efficient and help in extinguishing fire immediately.

BS EN 12259-1 helps in the evaluation of conformity of product by using initial type testing and factory production control method that verifies if the performance

declarations represent the true behaviour of the product.

*** Before conducting BS EN 12259-1  , it is important to read the entire specification. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.


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