ParsRos Large Curing Tank 3
ParsRos Large Curing Tank 1

Large Concrete Curing Tanks

STANDARDS : EN 12390–2; ASTM C31, C192, C511

Curing Tanks are designed for curing concrete cubes and cylinders.

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Product Code   PRS-BLCT4520 PRS-BLCT4530 PRS-BLCT4532
Dimensions (WxLxH)


860x1560x615 mm 800x1800x950 mm 1100x2100x900 mm


800x1500x550 mm

(Clear Depth 520mm)

700x1700x850 mm

(Clear Depth 820mm)

1000x2000x800 mm

(Clear Depth 770mm)

Specimens Capacity

Cube 150 mm

Max. 135 pcs Max. 220 pcs Max. 390 pcs

Cylindrical  Ø150×300 mm

Max. 67 pcs Max. 110 pcs Max. 195 pcs
Weight (approx.)  92 kg 88 kg 130 kg