Company Overview

PARSROS is a leading Material Test Machine Manufacturer & Supplier in TURKEY.

All the products that PARSROS manufactures are widely used for various mechanical physical performance tests of metal, non-metal, components, finished products, new materials used in various fields of national economy, such as aviation and space, national defence and war industry, mechanical manufacture, vehicle and ships, metallurgy and mining, cables and wires, plastics and rubbers, construction and building materials, universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, commodity inspection and quality inspection.

PARSROS closely follows today’s technology with its valid material testing equipment which are in accordance with TS, EN, AASHTO, JIN, BS, DIN ,JIS,TAPPI , ASTM and other relevant standards.

We always aimed to provide the best products with best quality and price and will try to find way out for your problems by developing new manufacturing programs.

PARSROS took place within both national and international markets which it had targeted with the staff who are expert and various – high quality of products that you want us to manufacturer

We are working with governmental offices, universities other foundations and companies like construction, steel, cement, structure control companies.


Our Mission

Providing Customer Satisfaction and Maximum Benefit to Our Clients

Manufacturing The Best Material Test Machines and its Components at the Right Time & Price

What PARSROS Does ?

We design and manufacture !!!

Machines and equipments ( Grips & Fixtures , Furnaces ,Cabinet etc. ) for material testing.

Special technical developments (custom equipment).

Calibration service in force and deformation.

Repair and upgrades of machines and test equipments. Engineering Services

PARSROS’ customers belong to the following activity sectors !!


Aeronautical and Aerospace


Polymers , Plastics and Composites

Paper and Paperboard

Iron and Steel Industry

Security and Defense

Textile and Related Products

PARSROS provides services to different types of customers !!!

Technology Centers

Production Centers (factories)

Materials R & D Centers

Engineering Companies

Technical Training Institutes

Certified Laboratories

Official Organizations

Public and Private Universities

In Which Industries We Provide Services !!

Industries We Serve

ParsRos provides services in line with national and international standards in many fields of activity related to Material Testing Equipments and Systems. Some of these industries are as follows...

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The Highest Quality

PARSROS Offers a Wide-Ranging of Solutions For Material Testing Systems

PARSROS closely follows today’s technology with its valid Material Testing Equipments which are in accordance with TS, EN, AASHTO, JIN, BS, DIN ,JIS,TAPPI , ASTM and other relevant standards.

Competitively priced testing machines, systems and software, we supply standard or customized solutions for many tests, measurement and quality control tasks required in the world of modern materials testing.