What Accessories Do We Provide To Our Customers!!

Accessories Used in Material Testing Machines

ParsRos ; While Supplying Many Accessories Used in Material Testing Machines and Systems to its Customers; Grips, Jaws and Apparatuses Used in Test Machines and Systems are manufactured in accordance with National and International Standards. Some of the Accessories Used in Material Testing Machines and Systems are as follows...

High Degree Furncaes


Other Industries

ParsRos Offers Solutions to Many Different Industries with Special Test Systems.

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The Highest Quality

PARSROS Offers a Wide-Ranging of Solutions For Material Testing Systems

PARSROS closely follows today’s technology with its valid Material Testing Equipments which are in accordance with TS, EN, AASHTO, JIN, BS, DIN ,JIS,TAPPI , ASTM and other relevant standards.

Competitively priced testing machines, systems and software, we supply standard or customized solutions for many tests, measurement and quality control tasks required in the world of modern materials testing.