ASTM C394 – Standard Test Method for Shear Fatigue of Sandwich Core Materials


ASTM C394 –  Shear Fatigue – Sandwich Core Materials

ASTM C394 – This test method determines the effect of repeated shear forces on core material used in sandwich panels.

Permissible core material forms include those with continuous bonding surfaces (such as balsa wood and foams) as well as those with discontinuous bonding

surfaces (such as honeycomb).

This test method is limited to test specimens subjected to constant amplitude uniaxial loading, where the machine is controlled so that the test specimen is

subjected to repetitive constant amplitude force (stress) cycles.

Either shear stress or applied force may be used as a constant amplitude fatigue variable.

Significance and Use

Often the most critical stress to which a sandwich panel core is subjected is shear.

The effect of repeated shear stresses on the core material can be very important, particularly in terms of durability under various environmental conditions.

This test method provides a standard method of obtaining the sandwich core shear fatigue response.

Uses include screening candidate core materials for a specific application, developing a design-specific core shear cyclic stress limit, and core material research

and development.

NOTE : This test method may be used as a guide to conduct spectrum loading.

**** This information can be useful in the understanding of fatigue behavior of core under spectrum loading conditions, but is not covered in this standard.

ASTM C394 uses the same test fixture as the present ASTM C273 standard. However, the core material is to be tested without face sheets.

That is, the core is bonded directly to the bonding  plates.


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