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ISO 2759 specifies a method for measuring the bursting strength of board submitted to increasing hydraulic pressure.

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ISO 2759 – Board — Determination of Bursting Strength


ISO 2759 specifies a method for measuring the bursting strength of board submitted to increasing hydraulic pressure.

It is applicable to all types of board (including corrugated and solid fibreboard) having bursting strengths within the range 350 kPa to 5 500 kPa.

It is also applicable to papers or boards having bursting strengths as low as 250kPa if the paper or board is to be used to prepare a material of higher bursting

strength, such as corrugated board.

In such cases, the measurements will not necessarily have the accuracy or precision stated for this method and it is necessary to include a note in the test report

stating that the test gave results that were below the minimum value required by the method.

In the absence of any commercial agreement as to which method should be used for materials with bursting strengths between 350 kPa and 1 400 kPa,

all materials with bursting strengths below 600 kPa, except components of solid and corrugated fibreboard, should be tested by ISO 2758 and the remainder

by this International Standard.

Bursting Strength

Maximum pressure developed by the hydraulic system in forcing an elastic diaphragm through a circular area of the board when the pressure is applied

in the manner described in the method

Note 1 to entry: The indicated bursting pressure includes the pressure required to extend the diaphragm during the test.

Burst Index

Bursting strength of the board divided by the grammage of the board determined in accordance with ISO 536

*** Before conducting ISO 2759 , it is important to read the entire specification. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.


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