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GOST 11262 Test Fikstürü

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GOST 11262  Plastics. Tensile Strength Test Method


GOST 11262 applies to plastics and establishes a method and conditions for determining the properties of plastics under tension, taking into account the general

principles established in GOST 00001.

The standard applies to the following materials:

Hard and semi-rigid thermoplastic materials for molding, extrusion and pressing, including filled and reinforced compositions chopped fibers, mats, or granules,

with the exception of textile fibers;

Hard and semi-rigid thermoset molding materials, including filled and reinforced compositions, except for compositions reinforced with textile fibers;

Thermotropic liquid crystal polymers.

The standard does not apply to rigid and flexible cellular plastics, for which they use the methods established by GOST 17370 and GOST 15873, respectively, as well as

multilayer structures containing cellular material.

*** The standard does not apply to films with a thickness of less than 1 mm.

This standard provides for the use of samples that are made by molding in accordance with specified dimensions, machined or cut out (cut) by stamping from

plates obtained by injection molding or pressing, finished products or semi-finished products

*** Before conducting GOST 11262 , it is important to read the entire specification. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.


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  that are accurate and repeatable.

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