AITM1-0010 Airbus Test Fixture
AITM1 0010 Test Fikstürü 3

AITM1-0010 Test Fikstürü ( Airbus Compression After Impact Test Fixture )

AITM1-0010 is the basis of Airbus Industries Test Method

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AITM1-0010 Test Fikstürü ( Airbus Compression After Impact Test Fixture )

Some Aerospace companies have developed their own standards for suppliers to test and conform to.


Determination of the residual compressive strength after

Impact loading (CAI) to:

Boeing BSS 7260c, ASTM D7137, DIN 65561, ISO18352, prEN 6038

Airbus AITM 1-0010 issue 3

ParsRos supplies compression after impact fixtures conforming to BSS 7260 and AITM-0010.

This fixture is the basis of Airbus Industries Test Method AITM1-0010

The Airbus specimen is the same size as that used with the S.I. units version of the Boeing fixture, namely, 100 mm wide and 150 mm tall.

A typical specimen lay-up is quasi-isotropic, and approximately 4 mm thick.

The fixture uprights have no adjustment in the width direction, whereas the Boeing fixture does have a minor amount of adjustment because of its slotted holes.

This is not a problem, however, as the standard specimen is specified to be of a precise width and height anyway, namely within ±0.2 mm.

Nevertheless, just as with the Boeing fixture, there is occasionally interest in testing specimens of nonstandard sizes using the Airbus fixture.

One version of a width-adjustable fixture.

The particular fixture shown does not have height adjustment.

The width can be adjusted from 46 mm to 100 mm.

The specimen can be between 4 mm and 11 mm thick.

*** Before conducting this standard , it is important to read the entire specification. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.


***PARSROS  offers several types of grips and fixtures which will enable you to perform a variety of tests

  that are accurate and repeatable.

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