EN 12814-4 Testing of Welded Joints of Thermoplastics Semi-Finished

Products – Part 4: Peel Test


EN 12814-4 specifies the dimensions, the method of sampling and the preparation of the test specimens, and also the conditions for performing the peel test

perpendicular to the weld in order to determine the peel resistance and the failure behaviour.

A peel test can be used in conjunction with other tests (e.g. tensile creep, macroscopic examination…) to assess the performance of welded assemblies, made from

thermoplastics materials. Peel tests are applicable to overlap welded assemblies made from thermoplastics materials.

The T-peel test as defined in Clause 5 will be used only for assessing welded sheet assemblies.

This test is not applicable to welded test pieces containing sheets of different nominal thickness.


The test equipment shall conform to the requirements given in ISO 5893.

The crosshead displacement shall be continuous, uniform and in accordance with Table 3.

After setting, the rate shall not vary during the course of any test or series of tests by more than ± 5 % of the mean rate and shall remain within the limits imposed

The force shall be measured and recorded with an accuracy of ± 2 %.

The test equipment shall be provided with a suitable self-aligning grip to hold the specimen.

Test procedure

The two unwelded ends of the test specimen shall be bent in opposite directions until each end is perpendicular to the weld, to form a T-shaped specimen  for

clamping in the jaws of the test equipment.

Inserting the test specimen into the test equipment shall not cause cracking at the weld.

If it does, the test is invalid. Unless otherwise specified, the test shall be carried out at a room temperature of (23 ± 2) °C.

*** Before conducting EN 12814-4, it is important to read the entire specification. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.


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