ParsRos Speedy Moister Test
ParsRos Speedy Moister Test 2

Speedy Moisture Testers

STANDARDS : AASHTO T 217 , ASTM D4944 , FM 5-507

Speedy Moisture Testers are widely accepted for rapid, accurate, and reliable moisture tests on materials such as sand, aggregates, ores, coal, soils, ceramics,

abrasives, and other powders.

!!!  The Speedy moisture testers are portable, easy to use and do not require a power supply.

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Maximum Particle Size PRS- ASMTS12  and PRS- ASMTS6     : 10mm

PRS- ASMTL20  and PRS- ASMTL8: 20mm

Moisture Range PRS- ASMTS12      : 0 — 10 x 0.1%

PRS- ASMTS6     : 0 — 20 x 0.2%

PRS- ASMTL20 : 0 — 20 x 0.2%

PRS- ASMTL8: 0 — 50 x 0.5%

Specimen Weight PRS- ASMTS12      : 12g

PRS- ASMTS6     : 6g

PRS- ASMTL20 : 20g


Dimensions Vessel:

PRS- ASMTS12 and PRS- ASMTS6     : 4 x 12in (102 x 305mm), Dia.x L

PRS- ASMTL20  and PRS- ASMTL8: 5.5 x 14in (104 x 356mm), Dia.x L

Estimated Shipping Weight 23.0lb (10.43kg)