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IEC 61386-1 Test Fixture

IEC 61386-1 specifies requirements and tests for conduit systems, including conduits and conduit fittings

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IEC 61386-1 Conduit Systems for Electrical Installations 

Part 1: General Requirements


IEC 61386-1 specifies requirements and tests for conduit systems, including conduits and conduit fittings, for the protection and management of insulated

conductors and/or cables in electrical installations or in communication systems up to 1000 V a.c. and/or 1500 V d.c.

This standard applies to metallic, non-metallic and composite conduit systems, including threaded and non-threaded entries which terminate the system.

This standard does not apply to enclosures and connecting boxes which come within the scope of IEC 670.

Tensile Test

Conduit systems declaring tensile strength shall be tested as follows:

A sample of conduit and two terminating fittings are assembled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions so that the overall length is approximately

300 mm.

The assembly is subjected to a continuously increasing tensile force over a period of 30 s to 40 s to the value specified in table 6. After 2 min ± 10 s the force

is removed.

Where elongation occurs, the manufacturer shall be responsible for providing guidelines to assist the safe installation of the conduit system.

For conduit systems where tensile strength is not declared, the tensile strength of the joint shall meet the requirements of the relevant tests of the

appropriate part 2.

After the test, the terminating fittings shall remain properly assembled to the conduit, and there shall be no damage visible to normal or corrected vision

without magnification.

Compression Test

Samples of conduit, each (200 ± 5 ) mm long, shall be subjected to a compression test,

Before the test, the outside diameters of the samples shall be measured.

The samples shall be positioned on a flat steel support, and a steel intermediate piece

A continuously increasing compression force, reaching the values

After the force given  has been applied for (60 ± 2 ) s, the outside diameter of the sample shall be measured where flattening has taken place,

without removing the force.

*** Before conducting IEC 61386-1 , it is important to read the entire specification. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.


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