Graduated Impurites Test Bottles

Product Code  Product Description
PRS-GG1630 Graduated Impurites Test Bottle,  Glass 250 ml
PRS-GG1635 Graduated Impurites Test Bottle,  Glass 500 ml
PRS-GG1640 Graduated Impurites Test Bottle,  Glass 1000 ml
PRS-GG1645 Graduated Impurites Test Bottle,     Glass 2000 ml
PRS-GG1650 Cylindrical Glass Bottle, With Stopper, For Organic Impurities, 450 ml, EN


ParsRos provides  glasses, plastic test equipments,trays,trowels,spatulas etc. that are used to test laboratory  to its customers.

Product Code Dimensions Weight
PRS-GG1630 100x100x200 mm 0.25 kg
PRS-GG1635 200x200x400 mm 0.5 kg
PRS-GG1640 300x300x500 mm 1 kg
PRS-GG1645 450x450x700 mm 1.75 kg
PRS-GG1650 80x80x210 mm 0.5 kg