EN 196-1 Methods of Testing Cement — Part 1: Determination of Strength


EN 196-1 describes the method for the determination of the compressive and, optionally, the flexural strength of cement mortar.

The method applies to common cements and to other cements and materials, the standards for which call up this method.

It may not apply to other cement types that have, for example, a very short initial setting time.

Flexural Strength Testing Apparatus

NOTE : The provision of this apparatus is optional. If only the compressive strength is to be measured, prisms may be broken using other suitable means which

do not subject the prism halves to harmful stresses.

The flexural strength can be measured by using a flexural strength testing machine or by using a suitable device in a compression testing machine.

In either case the apparatus shall conform to the following requirements:

The apparatus for the determination of flexural strength shall be capable of applying loads up to 10 kN with an accuracy of ± 1,0 % of the recorded load in the

upper four-fifths of the range being used, at a rate of loading of (50 ± 10) N/s.

The apparatus shall be provided with a flexure device incorporating two steel supporting rollers of (10,0 ± 0,5) mm diameter spaced (100,0 ± 0,5) mm apart and

a third steel loading roller of the same diameter placed centrally between the other two.

The length of these rollers shall be between 45 mm and 50 mm.

The three vertical planes through the axes of the three rollers shall be parallel and remain parallel, equidistant and normal to the direction of the specimen under test.

One of the supporting rollers and the loading roller shall be capable of tilting slightly to allow a uniform distribution of the load over the width of the specimen

without subjecting it to any torsional stresses.

*** Before conducting EN 196-1 , it is important to read the entire specification. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.


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