Marshall Manual Compaction Assembly

Marshall Manual Compaction Assembly

STANDARDS : ASTM D6926, D5581; AASTHO T245 (only for PRS-AS0071 ); BS-598

Marshall Manual Assemblies are used to prepare Marshall specimens manually.

The Compaction Assemblies consist of a Marshall Compaction Hammer and a Wooden Compaction Pedestal.

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 Product Code Dimensions Weight (approx.)
PRS-ASF030 350x400x1600 mm 50 kg
PRS-ASF031 100x100x108 mm 8 kg
PRS-ASF032 350 x400x1600 mm 42 kg
PRS-ASF034 100x100x108 mm 8 kg
PRS-ASF036 350x400x1600 mm 57 kg
PRS-ASF037 100x100x108 mm 14 kg
PRS-ASPMSB57 110x110x60 mm 3,5 kg
PRS-ASPMSB59 160x160x60 mm 7,5 kg